Doctor Who: „The First Question'“

By: LastWhovianTrailers

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A while back i proposed the idea of creating an extended edition of ‚The First Question‘, this new cut would feature new additional scenes to expand upon the original. Before piecing the video together, i looked closely at previous comments and feedback about what could be included in the cut, this included a stronger insight into the show’s exploration of loss and death as well as different companions, enemies and various other elements. In this cut, i have tried to keep in trend with the original, striking a balance between all eleven doctors. This video isn’t intended to replace the previous version, but instead expand upon the show’s legacy. Given the fact that the run-time for the video lasts 7:06, its hard to conceive as a ‚trailer‘ but none the less it works as a kind of tribute. For those wishing to view the extended scenes only, the clips begin at 2:36 and conclude at 5:04. Many thanks for all of your continued support, hope you all enjoy ! Both the original and extended versions of the mix used in this trailer are available for download at the following links:

‚The Extended Cut‘:

‚The Original Cut‘:

Jordan 🙂

Doctor Who is owned by the BBC

‚Starvation‘ – Thomas Bergersen
‚Battle For New York‘ – Brian Tyler
‚Heroes‘ – Brian Tyler
‚Saving New York‘ – James Horner

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