Gelesen: “Warship (Blake’s 7)” von Peter Anghelides

Sehr gut geschrieben, meine Empfehlung.

Und einige meiner kindle-Highlights:

Eine Raumbeschreibung & jede Menge Blake (brauchte ich für meine eigene Geschichte als Hintergrund):

So he had attached himself to a portable medipack as best he could, and traipsed through the Liberator’s many interconnecting corridors to get here. To the place where, on so many previous occasions, he had secluded himself in silent contemplation. Time spent here was very different to the frustration he had felt in the medical unit. The original builders of the ship had found some way of ensuring that this room was silent, despite its position at the rear of the vessel. None of the engine noises permeated its soundproofed walls. There was a comms unit, but Blake had switched it off. It was utterly silent.


The position of the observation deck meant that you had to lean right into the curved partition and crane your neck to get any sight of the Liberator’s exterior. Instead, he stared out and considered his current position. The flickering lights of the war peppered the inky blackness of a sector without stars. Somewhere out there was Star One. Somewhere beyond that was a vast alien fleet, leaking through the satellite defence grid. The sporadic, silent explosions told him that the war was in full spate. And behind him, oblivious and uncaring, the clock still ticked, ticked, ticked. Blake tried not to show his surprise when the door to the observation deck slid open. There was no way of anyone letting him know they were entering. The thrum of distant engines came in with Avon, only to be silenced as he closed the door behind himself.

Enter Avon & natürlich, ein netter Schlagabtausch:

Avon looked at the comms unit on the wall, and grunted. ‘Well, that might explain it,’ he said, almost to himself, and switched the unit back on. He turned his attention to Blake. ‘You were supposed to be in the medical unit.’ Blake peered at him in the darkness. ‘You were supposed to be on the flight deck.’ ‘When you agreed to remain under observation, I didn’t think you would be so literal about it.’ Avon stood beside Blake, and stared out at the distant lights of the war. ‘Is the view helping your recovery?’ ‘Something like that.’ Blake chuckled. ‘I suppose I should be touched by your concern.’ ‘Is this where we embrace and make up?’ Blake shrugged a gesture to indicate his injury, and winced as the effort made the pain lance through his side. ‘You can hardly embrace me while I’m in this sling.’ ‘That wasn’t what was stopping me.’

Eine Lebensweisheit:

‘The people you choose as allies don’t have to be your friends,’ Avon told him quietly. ‘They just have to be the enemy of your enemy.’

Mehr Schlagabtausch:

‘I told you that I’ve always trusted you, Avon. And I meant it.’ ‘I expect you to keep your promise,’ replied Avon. ‘It would be a mistake to betray me.’

Und noch mehr:

Blake didn’t reply. He’d wanted Avon to tell him specifically. To ask him. ‘The others are needed on Liberator,’ smiled Avon. ‘But you are…’ ‘Expendable?’ ‘Available.’ Blake waited just long enough for Avon’s smile to waver. ‘All right. Enough observing. I can make myself… available for duty.’

Eine neue Vokabel für mich:

he stifled a groan

A saying from Auron:

‘You cannot stop me, Avon.’ Cally wasn’t amused. ‘This is not your ship yet.’ ‘Thank you for “yet”,’ said Avon. ‘I know that Liberator is what you want most of all,’ she said. ‘But my people have a saying, Avon –’ ‘I was afraid they might.’ ‘They say: Before you desire, you should deserve.’

Jenna, cool baby:

He was already walking back to his own control seat, deeming the discussion to be over. ‘Get suited up, Vila. You’re wasting time.’ Jenna came over to put a supportive hand on Vila’s shoulder. Avon knew that she wasn’t going to disagree with the suggestion. What other choice did they have? Perhaps she would even persuade him. ‘I’ll come with you,’ she told Vila. ‘I can help.’ ‘This is a mine clearance,’ Avon told her sharply. ‘It’s not a sightseeing tour.’ Jenna clearly wasn’t going to be bullied by Avon. ‘It’ll be faster with two. And I can watch out for any other incoming attacks until the hull sensors are back online.’ Avon studied her as she explained this rationale to him. She was talking to Avon, but all her comments were directed towards Vila. Encouraging and reassuring him.

Vila, der nicht mit will und über die Alternativen aufgeklärt wird:

Avon placed himself right in front of Vila’s position, so that he could not miss his presence. ‘Do you think you’ll feel any safer here on the flight deck?’ ‘Yes,’ Vila replied. He looked up hopefully at Avon. ‘I really think that I would…’ ‘Safer here on the flight deck,’ continued Avon in a dangerous tone, ‘with me?’ Vila stood up at once. ‘You’re right,’ he said. ‘I’ll get suited up. Come on, Jenna.’ And with that, he turned on his heel and walked straight out of the flight deck.

Ein wenig Außenansicht:

The last time he’d done this was to realign the rear sensor array. They had been in orbit around an uninhabited world. The force wall was deactivated at the time, and so there’d only been the transparent shell of Vila’s suit helmet between him and the swirling green surface of an unknown planet. When he had worked his way around the hull that time, and looked back out into space, the stars had glittered back at him from the pitch blackness with a clarity he had never before witnessed. Even the burnished orange-gold surface of Liberator’s hull could look beautiful in the unfiltered illumination of a nearby sun.

Mehr Jenna “cool babe”:

‘And there’s a solution to the stars making you dizzy.’ ‘Is it drugs?’ ‘No. Just stop looking at them. Keep your eyes on the hull.’ Vila adjusted his tool holder, and reached out for the next handhold. Jenna was right. If he just looked at the hull, it would be like a simple crawl along a corridor inside Liberator. He’d done that once or twice, depending on what sort of night he’d had.

Ein altes Federation-Symbol:

‘A lot of this stuff dates back to… well, it’s from long before my project work back on Earth.’ ‘That is indeed a very long time.’ Blake smiled. ‘Thank you.’ He scrubbed the dust away from the side of one machine. This revealed an image of five arms forming a pentagon, each hand firmly grasping the wrist of the next. ‘Look at this,’ he called out to Cally. ‘It’s the original Federation insignia. If that was embossed on this machine, then it goes back at least a century.’

Es ist Zeit, zu gehen …

Revealed by the lights in her helmet, Jenna’s eyes were wide in amazement. ‘D’you know what I think, Vila?’ ‘That it’s time to leave?’ ‘I think that these aren’t just bits of ordnance left by the aliens,’ she continued. ‘These are the aliens!’ Vila gulped. The sound was disconcertingly loud inside his helmet. ‘They’re burrowing into Liberator, ready to explode. Avon?’ The brief pause seemed to last forever. ‘Answer, Avon! These things have all spotted us.’ ‘What is it?’ ‘Trouble, that’s what! We’re surrounded by alien suicide ticks!’ There was no pause this time. Avon had obviously seen the sensor readings from their hull suits. ‘You should get back inside, Vila. Now.’ ‘Oh, d’you think so?’ ‘Orac says he’s worked out how dislodge them all.’ Avon sounded muffled, as though he had his head buried in something he was working on. Unless he was hiding under a table. ‘We’re going to reflect our radiation flare shield back onto the hull.’ ‘Very clever,’ said Vila. ‘Very dangerous,’ Avon told him. Even as Avon spoke, Vila felt a tremor underneath his body. The hull was vibrating. The audio channel on his earpiece crackled like sizzling bacon. ‘When were you planning on doing this, Avon?’ ‘No time like the present.’ The alien limpets nearby quivered and clung to the hull. Vila decided it was a good idea to do exactly the same. ‘It’s working!’ shouted Jenna in his ear. ‘Look, Vila – at the far end.’ He followed her outstretched arm. ‘The aliens are detaching from the hull.’ It was an autumn leaf fall in reverse. At the farthest part of the Liberator’s scarred exterior, limpet mines came loose and floated off like specks until they vanished into space. One of them, as it span away, exploded in a magnesium flare of light. ‘So much for them,’ Vila told Jenna. ‘But what about you and me? What happens when the flare shield reaches us?’ ‘Like I said…’ Avon’s voice was calm but insistent. ‘Get back inside.’

Ein drittes Mal Jenna (der Autor konnte gut für sie schreiben, sehr angenehm, dass sie nicht nur herumsitzt):

Jenna didn’t look back. ‘Stop admiring it and start avoiding it!’  

Und nochmal:

Vila watched her stand up, unsteadily, and turn her back on him. She had made her decision. She wasn’t hiding from the oncoming threats of the shield wave and the bizarre alien ship. Jenna was facing them down, right to the end.  

Ein wenig Teleport-Technik:

The teleport controls were still set for the surface of Megiddo. He patched the communications connection from Blake into the coordinate tracker on the desk. Not from Blake’s teleport bracelet. That was odd. Some unfamiliar Federation channel instead. A weak signal, but it should do. The coordinates aligned, and he left the rest to the automatics. He pressed home the teleport controls, and a shimmer of power filled the arrivals alcove.  

Ein geschäftiger Tag …:

Blake immediately cast a proprietorial eye over the flight deck, noting the damage. ‘What have you been doing with the ship, Avon?’ Avon pretended to be fascinated by something on his display screen. ‘I’ve had a busy day.’ ‘So I see.’  

Kein Selbstlob …:

Avon saw the dots grow larger. The alien attackers speared through the chasm in the defence grid, and sliced into the human fleet. ‘You can guess where they’re heading next.’ Blake’s face was greyer than ever. ‘For us.’ ‘Don’t flatter yourself, Blake.’ Avon pointed to a red indicator at the far right of the display. The final connection in the ragged remains of the defence grid. ‘They need to deactivate it completely. So they’ll target Star One.’

Und nochmal Jenna und ein neues Wort, “quizzical”:

Jenna watched Avon slide Orac out from the side cabinet. It had protected the computer from the worst of the beating that Liberator had received. Her quizzical expression must have told him she didn’t understand why he was entrusting Orac to her. ‘I’ll go and fetch the protective case,’ he explained, and started for the exit.

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