more quick Portmeirion notes

The walk from Minffordd bus station to Portmeirion is about 1 mile, that’s around 2 kilometres, it took me 17 minutes exactly, so if you calculate half an hour you’re on the safe side.
Busses back to Bangor leave a quarter past six and a quarter past eight, Portmeirion closes at 7:30.
The entry fee is 10 GBP for adults, you might consider an annual pass for 20 pounds if you plan on visiting twice a year or more (I would if I were closer).
You can save a pound if you book online. Reduced entry after 15:30. If you’re not sure if you want to spend a full day there, I’d recommend this option. Shops are open until 16:00 minimum, so you just go there first and then have plenty of time to see the area without a crowd. It empties remarkably after, let’s say, 16:00. And makes your walks and photos therefore much nicer.
My special tipp after one visit? Well, there’s so much to see! Dare to walk to the White Horses, that’s not that far, but supposedly far enough for the lazy crowds and gives you a quiet view over the sand and sea. And if you find the grotto, dare to follow the path down through woods to the water. You will find interesting buildings and sights, plus a way to the hotel (where you are safe again).

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