Pro Tipp London Euston

1) You don’t want to end up in London Euston –  it’s huge, it’s completely crowded, and just mad.
If you happen to end up there nethertheless  here’s number
2) You don’t want to go to the Underground to buy your tickets there. The queues are ridiculous. Instead, go to
3) the tourist information, a pink building in the station itself. Get there
4) an Oyster card. It costs 5 GBP, is refundable (or you can decide to donate the card and it’s value once you leave London) and the tourist information will top it up to your desired amount.
And believe me, it’s still cheaper than buying the tickets solo.
Then, finally, you can enter the Underground. Which will still be overcrowded and mad, so make sure to have taken your chamomile tea or whatever makes you calm.

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