Attention ladies: Tang Dynasty makeup is in!

By: AppleDailyEnglish Source: A young woman’s blog with entries about makeup techniques from China’s Tang Dynasty recently went viral on the Internet. In her „Mimicking Tang Dynasty Makeup Techniques“ blog entry, 25-year-old Chen Yen-hui used herself as a model and broke down the steps of four Tang Dynasty aristocratic makeup styles. The post attracted more than 110,000 hits in less than 10 days, going viral in Taiwan, China and Japan. Chen currently resides in the US but is from Taiwan. At college she majored in art. Attention ladies: Tang Dynasty makeup is in! weiterlesen

Ofra Haza – Im Nin’alu (Original Version – 1984)

By: holdencaulfield79 Source: „Im Nin’alu“ is a hebrew poem by the 17th century’s Yemenite Rabbi Shalom Shabazi, which has later been put to music and was sung by Israeli singer Ofra Haza, among others. Yemenite Jews have been singing it in various celebrations, mainly weddings. Most of the song is about the angels praising and singing to god. This is the original version recorded by Ofra, from the album „Yemenite Songs“ a.k.a. „Shirey Teyman“. In this album Ofra returned to her roots interpreting traditional Yemeni Jewish songs with lyrics coming from the poetry of Rabbi Shalom Shabazi. The album … Ofra Haza – Im Nin’alu (Original Version – 1984) weiterlesen