National Space Centre: BritSciFi 3 Trailer

Da fahre ich hin, da fahr‘ ich hin, da fahr‘ ich hi-hin! *aufgeregt* 😉

By: DalekSram

A trailer for the 3rd BritSciFi event at the National Space Centre in Leicester.

Music: Space: 1999 Theme by Barry Gray (Remix done on GarageBand)

Oscar for the funniest speech goes to…

By: telegraphtv

The Best Actress winner at the 2013 Oscars, Jennifer Lawrence, brushes off questions about tripping up during the ceremony with the funniest interview of the night.

Watch more: Oscars 2013 ceremony highlights in 60 seconds:

Adele on what’s next after winning her first Oscar:

Read more:

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Blake’s 7 – I Think I Love You

By: zukalis

It’s Avon…again!! Do tell me if this is getting boring 🙂
Clips and concept by mandyl. Some of the footage in this one is from the Blooper Reels and as such is not of the best quality. Try and enjoy it anyway 🙂

Blake’s 7 – Epic7: Invincible (The Terminal Mix)

By: zukalis

Okay, now take all the epicness that’s gone before, shake it up and roll it out into the finale (probably) of the Epic7 Series.

WARNING! This product may contain nuts…er…Spoilers!