Tristis est anima mea (Kuhnau)

Singen wir gerade im Chor, Hörempfehlung! By: treblechoir99 Source: Rudolf Mauersberger, dir. As a boy Johann Kuhnau had a lovely voice and a strong turn for music. He was put to the Kreuzschule at Dresden about 1669, where he became a Rathsdiscantist, and obtained regular instruction in music. On the breaking of his voice he worked the harder, and in addition to his music learned Italian. The plague in 1680 drove him home, but Geising was no field for his talent, and he went to Zittau and worked in the school, till the excellence of a motet which he … Tristis est anima mea (Kuhnau) weiterlesen

Doctor Who: „The First Question'“

By: LastWhovianTrailers Source: Watch in HD, Please Read: A while back i proposed the idea of creating an extended edition of ‚The First Question‘, this new cut would feature new additional scenes to expand upon the original. Before piecing the video together, i looked closely at previous comments and feedback about what could be included in the cut, this included a stronger insight into the show’s exploration of loss and death as well as different companions, enemies and various other elements. In this cut, i have tried to keep in trend with the original, striking a balance between all … Doctor Who: „The First Question’“ weiterlesen


Falls jemand noch nicht weiß, worum es in Blake’s 7 geht und warum ich es toll finde, hier ein youtube-Video mit Filmwerbung im Hollywood-Stil. By: SciFiAssasin Source: Big movie-style trailer for the grand finale of Blakes 7(BBC 1978 1981). Lots of things explode. The music was used in the trailer for the new JJ. Abrams Star Trek film. Thought it would be a bit of a challenge applying it to a (nearly) thirty year old British sci-fi series. Would love to get my hands on some decent 3D software and re-do some of the effects. Anyhoo… Hope you like. … ‚BLAKE’S 7‘ HOLLYWOOD STYLE weiterlesen